• Crawling data from various websites or social media or shooting photographs upon your request.
  • Out data are delicately annotated images or videos on faces, hands, humans, animals, cars, streets, natural objects, media contents, etc.


  • Processing data on the Crowd Sourcing Platform, Alturk, a data labeling and management system of our own
  • Working with a number of local data editors for high quality data


  • Examining and verifying processed data with image recognition professionals and dedicated data managers to ensure data quality.

Big Data

  • High quality data set is ready for your machine learning
  • Major clients: Naver, SK Telecom and Samsung


A web-based data processing workforce for data editors to work anytime and anywhere.

with Alturk, you can:

  • Classify or label image data in the optimized tool for different types of data
  • Protect your working data from unauthorized access
  • Check workers’ activities and work histories and view visualized result as a admin

Interested in working as a data editor? Inbox us for more details!