AI Image Recognition Featured on Arirang TV

On January 22nd, 2020 Arirang TV featured Alchera Inc.’s face detection, human behavior recognition, and visual anomaly detection technology. Arirang TV is a global English-language television network based in South Korea aimed at the overseas market. The channel, which airs in 105 countries, airs various programming with a focus on news, cultural programs, educational shows, and documentaries. Alchera Inc. was recently featured on Arirang’s future-oriented program “Money Monster” which presents a variety of perspectives on the fourth industrial revolution and its impact on the industry and economic trends for insight into the future of society.

Episode 85 of Money Monster highlighted the 4R paradigm for waste management, the rise of medical VR contents, and the aptly titled AI for image recognition, the segment which focused on the work of Alchera. The full video can be seen below with a description of the episode or on Arirang
Tv’s YouTube Channel

“Along with the development of autonomous driving technology, AI image recognition technology has also garnered a lot of attention. AI image recognition is a technology that enables AI to recognize objects and understand the situation. The technology has recently been introduced to different fields including medical sector, and it has brought about changes to the society as well as people’s daily lives. Marking hundreds of dots is the initial stage of the AI image recognition. The related technology has continuously developed and it can now recognize the hand gestures as well as the sophisticated movements of joints. AI technology for image recognition has recently evolved into a skill that can even read emotions of users.” – Money Monster, Episode 85

AI Image Recognition

The episode opens with a short description of the technology from Dr. Geun-sik Jo, a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Inha University. As Dr. Jo notes, “AI for image recognition is a technology that makes computers replace human eyes. Computers can recognize humans and their movements. Also, it is an AI technology that can distinguish animals [from humans]. Therefore, the technology has been applied to various fields including military, factory automation, and the service industry and the range of application has continuously expanded.”


Viewers then see an access control demo running in Alchera’s head office, where a simple Logitech web cam is used to detect and recognize faces, body positioning, and movement within the entryway. Similarly, a camera is used to recognize hand gestures and the sophisticated movements of joints. These technologies have been introduced to various fields, such as for smart CCTV application and immigration inspection at Incheon International Airport.  Co-founder and CEO Jung-bae Kim explains further, “The AI  technology for image recognition we’ve developed can find an object, analyze it and identify the characteristics of the object. It has one millimeter of accuracy and 106 points that compose a face to be detected. And a 3D model can be produced with thousands of points. The face recognition technology can be used for finding criminals or making payments with a face.”


Face recognition can also be used for reading the emotions of users. One such use case is a customized service that can recommend content based on the emotions of users. As AI image recognition has become more accurate and sophisticated, Alchera has also implemented the technology for the prevention of fire accidents, including wildfire. Co-founder and CTO Young-kyoo Hwang explains the use and development.  “The technology we have developed can detect forest fire which is still in a very early stage. When installing a camera on the ridge [of a mountain], a forest fire can be detected within the range of up to 15 to 20 kilometers [9 to 12 miles]. Therefore, we’ve applied the technology in California for the detection of forest fires, and it will be expanded to all parts of the globe to protect property and increase safety.”

Alchera continues to apply AI image recognition commercialized as AIIR, a lightweight, camera agnostic software solution built to detect unusual events from any video images at scale. AIIR can save millions of lives and dollars by helping us detect dire situations before they happen to build a safer, more predictable world.