Alchera, Face Recognition Technology Goes Beyond Entertainment

Chief Lee (left) and CEO Kim Jung-bae (right) at the Korea Police World Expo 2019

Alchera’s technology is applied to the must-have camera app ‘SNOW’. The technology, which was created for entertainment, is now expanding to security and safety.

On May 21st, at the Korea Police World Expo 2019, Kim Jung-bae, CEO of Alchera, said that the company’s goals are ‘entertainment, convenience and safety.’

The technology that represents ‘entertainment’ has been applied to the ‘SNOW’ camera. This face recognition technology is also closely related to the creation of Alchera.

“When co-founder Hwang and I were still at our former workplace, we were looking for an opportunity to apply face recognition technology. While having a hard time searching, ‘AlphaGo Shock’ broke out in 2016. People started to pay attention to deep learning, AI and image recognition. Then, Naver’s subsidiary ‘SNOW’ contacted us.”

Alchera was founded in June 2016. It only took 3 months for CEO Kim and co-founder Hwang to develop the technology that satisfied SNOW’s needs. Now, Alchera has grown into a company that stands alongside the world’s leading face recognition companies.

“Even now, there are only one or two companies in Korea that have this technology. Alchera is by far the first place in Korea. Also, we have proven that our technology is superior to overseas unicorn companies like Sensetime and Megvii.”

The company’s second goal, ‘convenience’ was applied to financial service. A technology that can use financial service through face recognition has been applied to Shinhan Face Pay.

“This field is promising. Fingerprint recognition is on the wane, iris recognition is inconvenient, and most of all, both need separate sensors. On the other hand, face recognition, which only requires a camera, is the most promising technology because the camera is never going away from a smartphone.”

Now, Alchera is moving towards its third goal, ‘safety’. By further developing its recognition technology, Alchera cooperated with KEPCO in monitoring forest fires and facilities and even worked with U.S. companies.

CEO Kim’s goal was straightforward and simple. To become the best in this field. “A company that all engineers want to go to, the world’s best AI technology company. Wouldn’t you be proud to have at least one company like that in Korea?”

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