"I can see my face on the movie poster!"

“I can see my face on the movie poster!” AR Kiosk Goes to the Theater.

THES will install AR kiosk “My poster” at CGV TanBang and Daejeon terminal complex in Daejeon in December.

My poster is a kiosk developed using AR-specialized developer Alchera inc., which allows users to enjoy the latest movies or related content with their cameras. Users can experience becoming the main character of a movie poster through facial recognition function.

CGV Daejeon expects the introduction of My Poster to be a good example of combining the latest technology called AR with movie contents. THES is planning to expand its service area starting from Daejeon in the future. Details of Thees can be found here.

source: Venture Square

[Fourth Industrial Revolution] Advanced Kiosk with AI technology. “I can find my face on movie posters.”

[Day Today Hong Jung-min] 3D Content Integration Solution Service Company THES is planning to unveil its CGV TanBang and Daejeon Terminal Complex Augmented Reality (AR) Kiosk ‘My Poster’ in Daejeon.

My poster was developed using the latest virtual and augmented reality engine of Alchera.icn, which specializes in AI and AR. Kiosk supports the service to enjoy various movie-related content through my camera.

“With the face recognition function of My Poster, users can have a new experience in becoming the main characters of the movie posters,” the company said.

“With the introduction of my poster, consumers will be able to experience various things besides watching movies,” said CGV in Daejeon.

THES plans to gradually expand its service to allow customers to enjoy My poster in various regions based on Daejeon.

출처: Day Today (http://www.dtoday.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=285362)